What is the checklist before moving house?

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Moving home can be a stressful and challenging time. Unfortunately, there is no easy way around it, but putting in any prep work to make your move easier is a no brainer. Oakheart Property has put together the ultimate moving house checklist to ensure you know everything before moving house. 

Confirm your moving date

Firstly, you need to confirm your moving date. This is the most important step as it will be hard to get the ball rolling and tick anything else off your checklist.

Get removal quotes

Once your moving date has been confirmed, we would recommend looking into removal companies and start researching for the best quotes. For a less stressful move, opt for off-peak times such as mid-week rather than a Friday or a bank holiday. If you have more time on your hands, renting a van could be a cheaper option. 

Get your post redirected

Contact your post office to redirect your post, they will ensure everything is transferred over to your new address by the time you move. You can set up your redirect before you move and it can be put in place for as long as you wish, however 6-12 months is usually enough time.

Make a list of who you need to notify of your move

There are crucial suppliers you need to inform about your move, especially as companies will need the correct information if they need to get hold of you in an emergency. Plus it helps ensure your private and confidential documents do not fall into a stranger’s hands. Here are a few suppliers to add to your moving house checklist to inform:

  • Electricity company 
  • Gas 
  • Water 
  • Broadband & landline 
  • Insurance companies
  • TV licence

Tell your car insurer and update your driver’s license

One important step on the moving checklist you must not forget about is informing the DVLA that you’re moving. It is totally free to change your address and it must be done or you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

Your car insurance company needs to be informed of your move and it’s common to forget about this step, however most insurance companies base their pricing on location.

Check your home is insured

When buying a house you need building insurance as a condition of your mortgage contract. Once you know the details of your new home you can insure it up to 30 days in advance and it will start the day you pick the keys up for your new home.

You may have insurance in place, so double-check you’re covered during the move.

Take a final meter reader

Before you leave your old home, take a reading of your water, gas and electric. We would recommend taking a picture of the readings as proof you are no longer in ownership or you could end up being billed for someone else’s usage.

Update your doctor and dentist on your move 

Another crucial one on the moving process which can’t be forgotten is informing your doctor and dentist and providing them with your new address and home phone number. 

Make a list for your new residents 

It’s not a necessity, but it can be really helpful for the new homeowners who move into your house when you leave to create a list of everything they need to know. Use the list to ask the current homeowners at your new home to clear up any confusion too. 

  • Where the fuse box is 
  • Put together all instructions and warranties for appliances 
  • Current utility supplier 
  • Which day is bin day 
  • Information on the gas and electricity meters 
  • Details about the thermostat
  • Where the stopcock is
  • Local takeaways (handy for yours/their first night!)

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