How do I find out how much my home is worth?

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If you’ve been wondering how much your property could be worth or how much the property down the road got sold for, you’re not alone. Savvy home-hunters and owners around the UK have been dialling up their property research in recent weeks, suggesting that many are getting ready to put their property on the market.

Looking to put your property on the market but not sure how much it is worth? Or maybe you’re just wondering how much properties are being marketed at? Our team has put together different ways to find out how much your property is worth from an instant valuation to researching the local housing market.

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Rightmove offers a tool where you can simply enter a postcode or street to see which properties have been sold and for what price. You can also narrow the search by property type. The tool will factor in any price reductions or negotiations that were made between a buyer and seller and serve as an incredibly useful indicator of how your local market is performing and how much similar properties to your own have been selling for. 

Discover more on the sole price search available on the Rightmove website.

The Land Registry 

The Land Registry collects official data on real sales, recording virtually every residence sold in England and Wales. It is worth noting that the data is a little out of date, newly-sold homes normally appear in searches three months after the deal is done. 

Instant online valuation

Oakheart Property offers a free online instant valuation tool, but only use it as a rough estimate. By simply adding your postcode, the number of bedrooms and property type, you will receive an online valuation that gives an indication of how much your property is worth. Data is based on previous sale prices, asking prices and property characteristics in your area. 

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Estate Agency valuation

National house price averages are all well and good - but like most things - the devil is in the detail, especially when it comes to house prices. Whilst nationwide figures are great for looking at general trends, they don’t always give you an accurate picture of what’s going on where you are.

If you are looking for an accurate valuation, we recommend getting in touch with our team in Colchester, Essex today to book an in-person appointment. Our team of selling and letting agents across Essex and Suffolk have the property expertise and area knowledge to give you a better-estimated value. 

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