Energy performance certificates explained

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An energy performance certificate, otherwise known as an EPC is a four-page document that sets out the energy efficiency of a property on a traffic light system of A to G, with A being the most efficient. 

Energy performance ratings are primarily used by potential buyers or renters as a quick solution to see how much their energy bills will cost in their new house or flat. In this week’s blog, our team will answer the common questions on energy performance certificates and explain the process. 

What is included in an EPC?

A typical EPC will include the following: 

  • An estimate for energy costs over the next three years, broken down across heating, lighting and water. 
  • A current energy rating and potential energy rating if certain changes are made. 
  • Guidance on what changes can be made to improve energy efficiency.
  • A rating out of five for the efficiency of certain features of the property, such as walls, roof and windows.

Who carries out an EPC? 

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, EPCs are carried out by EPC assessors or ‘Domestic Energy Assessors’. The assessor will carry out a brief survey of your home before producing the EPC.

What does the EPC rating depend on?

  • The amount of energy used per m2 
  • The level of carbon dioxide emissions (given in tonnes per year) 

Once issued, the EPC will be valid for 10 years - if your EPC is older than this, you’ll need to get a new EPC issued before you can sell or rent your house.

Anyone can access a property's EPC online for free via the EPC register.

When do I need an EPC?

You will need an EPC within seven days of a property being marketed for sale or for rent. However, if you’re using an estate agent or a letting agent, they should do this on your behalf.

Sellers or landlords who do not have an EPC can face a fine of up to £5,000

How much is an EPC? 

The cost of the EPC can vary depending on many factors such as the location and the size of your property, which will determine the price. At an estimate, the cost can range from as little as £40 to as much as £120 plus VAT. 

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