Decorating Tips: How to make your small living room feel bigger

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Do you have a small living room and you’re unsure on how to decorate to maximise your space? Whether you own or rent, discover the top tips from the team at Oakheart property on how to supersize your space.

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Small living rooms can present challenges but there are several benefits to compact living. A well-designed scheme can feel just as comfortable as a larger space, with all the cosiness and comfort associated with family living.

Size down and build up 

If your home is blessed with high ceilings, you are at an advantage with our first decorating tip. Think vertically by decorating with tall mirrors, high shelving and curtains mounted a few inches above your actual windows. The purpose of this is to create an illusion of a bigger room by drawing the eye up.

Get your reflection game on 

Mirrors are one of the easiest and best ways to make your small, compact space feel open and airy. As well as making the room look and feel bigger, they also reflect the greenery outside and bring it indoors - adding another illusion of a bigger, brighter space. Consider lining a wall with a large mirror or creating a gallery wall of different sizes and shapes for a more quirky look. 

Pick out the right rug 

A rug is an item you don’t want to skimp on size-wise. A small rug can make the room feel equally small, adding no value to your space. Instead, pick a floor covering that’s large enough so most of your furniture will sit nicely on it.

Experiment with double-duty furniture

Multipurpose furniture like a coffee table that doubles up as storage is a smart and easy way to add style and function to your small living room. There is also no shortage of ingenious furniture items that either serve multi-purpose uses or fold up to make a space in your home when they’re not needed. 

Go for a minimal style

When it comes to your small living space, less really is more in this case. Minimalism calls for thoughtful curation and clutter-free spaces, both of which extend beyond the visual and result in a more calming, livable and nurturing environment. The lack of bulk in the middle of a room really opens up the space, giving it a more minimalist, contemporary feel.

Think about how you like to relax

If you like to lounge across a sofa, filling your small-space living room with armchairs may not be the best idea in the long-term. Instead, you could opt for a cosy small sofa with a matching footstool. So be sure to purchase furniture that suits your needs. 

Texture, texture and more texture 

Sometimes the best way to make the most of a small living room is to embrace the cosiness of those tiny dimensions. Enhance them by layering up soft textures and keeping your seating close to create a really inviting den-like space.

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