Why searching for the right house is a lot like searching for the right partner

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For many people, February is regarded as the month of love. With a huge focus on Valentine’s Day and the abundance of hearts and flowers that appear almost everywhere, it can be difficult to escape the love-filled holiday. Some may end up swiping the month away on dating apps or get caught up in a whirlwind of first date drama, whilst others might be celebrating with a long-term partner, focusing on friendship or indulging in self care. Regardless of how you choose to spend the month, it’s difficult to ignore the emphasis on love and finding love. Here at Oakheart Property, we couldn’t help but notice that searching for the right house is a lot like searching for the right partner! From pouring over photos to deciding it’s a match, we’ve listed the similarities below… 

You spend ages flicking through photos online

Have you noticed that you’re spending pretty much all of your free time browsing through the latest property listings online? Has Rightmove and Zoopla replaced Tinder and Hinge as your most commonly used apps? Much like searching for the perfect partner, finding your dream home often starts with flicking through photos online. You might find that you’ve gone from scrutinising outfits and daydreaming about dating to analysing interior choices and imagining yourself cooking up a storm in a dreamy kitchen. 

You're guilty of spending too much time looking at the photos, and not enough time reading the small print

When it comes to online dating, many people forget about the small print. Have you ever been sucked in by carefully posed, and heavily filtered, photos but failed to read their bio that states they’re a feline fan when you’re very much a dog person? Or perhaps you’ve accidentally set your location too far and your daydreams about the perfect partner have been shattered when you realise they’re actually 500 miles away. It can be similar when searching for your dream home. The property description can reveal many details that might not be apparent from looking at photos.  

You screenshot your favourites and send them to the group chat for opinions

Sending screenshots of your latest match, crafting clever responses to messages and gaining the seal of approval from your mates before meeting up is almost a dating rite of passage. It can often be the exact same when property hunting. Has your Whatsapp group chat been hijacked by messages of ‘check out this great property…’ and an overwhelming number of links to the hottest properties on the market, rather than potential dates? 

When you find 'the one', you just know

Heart racing, eyes widened, and excitement and adrenaline pumping through your veins as you reach for your phone and nervously make a move. The moment you meet in person, every single box is ticked and you just know that you’ve found the property of your dreams. 

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