What are the best modern interior style trends in 2021?

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With 2021 now upon us, Oakheart Property has taken the opportunity to dive deep into the top trends we are loving this year. Whether you’re updating the whole house, one room or just adding the final touches, we have covered every aspect to create your ideal space.

Bold brassware

If you’re looking to update your kitchen, bathroom or even your ensuite, then stand out brassware could be the perfect finishing touch. Brassware has become a popular aesthetic for homeowners with matt black, brushed brass and chrome amongst the most influential finishes. The trend is particularly popular with homeowners as it’s a budget-friendly solution to transform the look of kitchen and bathroom basins, and combines an element of both modern and traditional decor.

Scandinavian style

If you are a lover of beauty in simplicity, Scandinavian style is for you. Let’s face it, we all love an IKEA trip due to its simple, affordable yet stunning Scandinavian style furnishing. It is an effortless style that has been a winner for years, ticking many boxes including the decor being minimalist, while inviting and comfortable. 

Modern rustic

Casual but elegant, textured but smooth. The rustic trend is a beautiful marriage of traditional and modern furnishings and accessories. Rustic decor is a no-fuss aesthetic that shows the beauty in natural materials and comes from the influence of rural living, resulting in a timeless finish. Homeowners are incorporating it into their homes with cottage style kitchens, natural wood furnishings and rich colour palettes.

Statement pieces

There are pieces of furniture or accessories that can fill an entire room with life, and we refer to these as statement pieces. Homeowners usually invite statement pieces into their hallway where it’s the first impression, living rooms, bedrooms or even their bathroom. From lighting to flowers, mirrors to rugs.

Colourful bathrooms

While colourful bathrooms became outdated and more muted colours such as white and grey have dominated our colour schemes for years. Pink, navy and gold bathrooms are now among the top search terms for 2020 and have continued into 2021. With bolder tiles and peach colours making their way back into bathroom cabinetry, it brings a sunny warmth that draws out subtle tones without the room being overwhelmed

Sustainable living

Sustainability has been one of the most important topics in the public eye for a while now and it’s something homeowners are taking seriously in the design world. Materials such as bamboo or reclaimed wood are now common in furniture design, as well as upcycling what they already have. Another way homeowners are introducing environmentally friendly materials into their homes is through recycled rugs and wildflowers, which is about cultivating wellness - another major trend across the board.

Calming ocean hues

You don’t have to live by the sea to enjoy the calming qualities of coastal aesthetics. Homeowners are channelling coastal chic with soft furnishing in calming whites and cool shades of blue creating a tranquil home. Stunning ocean photography art and unique furniture bring waves into modern interiors which reflect homeowners personality.

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