Pros and Cons of Selling a House During Each Season

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It can be tricky to decide which time of year is best to list your property for sale. The spring and summer are peak seasons for both buyers and sellers, but there are benefits to listing a home in the off-season too. Fortunately for sellers and agents alike, there are buyers that are eager every season. 

Our team goes through the pros and cons for each season to give you the best idea of when it is best to list your home. 

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Spring is one of the most popular seasons for the property market. The days are beginning to get longer in spring after months of long, dark nights and early sunsets, so people are happy and more willing to give a little more of their time up for viewings. 

However, it’s important to have your listing stand out from the crowd so that it’s more appealing to buyers.


  • More buyers flood the market, increasing your chances of getting your asking price
  • Homes sell quicker, and for a profit
  • Affordable moving companies


  • Buyers can become pickier with more options available to them 
  • Greater competition as available homes begins to increase 
  • Moving during the end of the school year may not be an ideal time for families with children to move


Summer is another great time for property sales. Families with young children often feel more inclined to arrange a viewing when their children have gone on a long summer holiday. They are also keen to get their kids settled in a new property before the beginning of a new school year. 

The downside of selling in summer is that many potential buyers may be away on lengthy holidays - and, if you don’t keep on top of the work that goes into selling you property and the maintenance of your garden etc, you may find yourself finding it difficult to manage listing your property as a priority.


  • Longer days allow more showings 
  • Families are looking to close on a home before the school year begins
  • Better valuations from an appraiser during the on-season


  • If your house doesn’t stand out, it will get buried by the competition 
  • You may find yourself away during the summer months
  • With the demand in people putting their property on the market and moving, there is likely to be higher rates from removal companies


Autumn can be a tricky time to sell your property, but if you do it right, it can really pay off. It can be a tricky time for 2 main reasons; Kids are back to school and the families are less likely to relocate as it can be unsettling, and the second reason is that the peak season (summer) has just ended, meaning homes on the market are more limited.

However, autumn tends to be a time for ‘new beginnings', so it’s only fitting that homeowners may be looking to sell their house and start fresh in a new place. 


  • Serious buyers are motivated and looking to move before the Christmas season 
  • The autumn months offer scenic photos to professionally list your property in the best light
  • The weather is ideal for moving 
  • You can take advantage of lower moving costs


  • Kids start back at school so families are less likely to move
  • Curb appeal diminishes quickly as trees lose their leaves
  • The holidays may limit mover availability 


Like the colder weather, people tend to turn cold on listing their property this time of year. However, home interiors can often look their best in the winter, with decorations and lights adorning every room. The colder months are a perfect time to make your home as cosy, snug and appealing as possible - allowing viewers to get a real sense of domestic bliss and comfort. Winter features a major school holiday, making it perfect for viewing or moving time for families with children.

The downside of selling in the winter is that budgets are often lower, meaning you may not get the asking price for your property. 


  • Fewer homes are on the market in the winter, making competition less challenging. 
  • Buyers are typically more motivated during the winter months
  • Relocation buyers need to find a home to start their new job, so take advantage in December, January and February


  • Christmas holidays are more of people's priorities 
  • Families are usually budgeting this time of year 
  • The days are shorter and colder, making viewings less appealing

Overall the relocation process will be difficult, regardless of the season that you choose for it. However, some seasons are better suited for some people due to the unique pros and cons. Regardless of the season, you can always rely on Oakheart Property to do the utmost to make the process as stress-free and smooth as possible. 

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