House surveys - the different types

When you have accepted an offer on a new property, you may be wondering if you should get a house survey and if so which one. A home survey is a good way to avoid unexpected repair costs further down the line and gives you an understanding of how much you might need to invest in a property once you own it. Discover in today’s blog all the different surveys available, the costs and what one best suits you.

What is a house survey?

A house survey is a health inspection of a property that is carried out by a chartered surveyor. Depending on the type of survey you have, it will inspect different areas of the property. 

In the end, the person who arranged the survey, whether it was the buyer or seller, receives a report detailing the building’ exact, current and structural state, as well as outlining all the findings of the survey. 

Condition report

This is the most basic type of survey. It will give an overview of the property condition and highlight any significant issues but doesn’t go into detail on the issues. 

This is a suitable report if you’re looking to buy a standard, modern property that is in clear good condition and you are looking for assurance everything is how it should be. 

The report uses traffic light ratings to determine the condition of the parts of the property’s condition. It is the cheapest option if you’re looking for a property survey.

Homebuyer report

A homebuyer report is the standard option for most properties in a reasonable condition. It looks at everything outlined in a condition report with added extras, taking around 2-4 hours to complete.

The report will look into any problems that might affect the property’s value and the surveyor’s advice on repairing the problems. The report will also pick up on any problems such as damp and subsidence. The inspection is non-intrusive, so will not look behind any furniture or under floorboards. 

Sava home condition report

The sava home condition survey is similar to the homebuyer report but without the market valuation and goes into more inspection. This survey will include photographs to make it easier to understand where the issues are.

It will show up anything that needs urgent attention or is likely to present future problems. The sava survey will also flag any legal questions your conveyancer should check for you.

Building survey

Otherwise known as a full structural survey, this is the most in-depth survey you can get. It provides a fully comprehensive analysis of both the property’s structure and condition. 

This survey is a good option if you’re buying a property that’s over 50 years old, an unusual design or is in poor condition. If you are thinking of doing major work on the property, the building survey will also be a good option.

The surveyor will be hands-on and check your property top to bottom including your attic and under floorboards. Once the report is done it will list any defects and advise on repairs and maintenance. 

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