Colchester Granted City Status: What this could mean for homeowners

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In celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Colchester has been granted city status. Famous for being the first capital city under Roman Britain and widely referred to as the oldest recorded town in Britain, Colchester has a rich and fascinating history. So, the announcement of Colchester once again earning city status feels like a true full-circle moment. Being an estate agency with a branch situated in the heart of Colchester, we may be a little biassed but we truly believe Colchester is one of the most wonderful places to live. With a vibrant atmosphere, fantastic amenities and the fact that we’re surrounded by the perfect blend of countryside and coastline, this city is the perfect place to call home. Wondering what the latest announcement could mean for homeowners? Below, our team discusses how Colchester’s new city status could impact you. 

Investment into local amenities 

Whether you’re searching for a local pub with a warm atmosphere, a bustling bar or delicious restaurants and eateries, Colchester is home to an incredible array of local amenities. With plenty of shops, entertainment and leisure facilities, and local businesses, you’ll find that there’s plenty to do. Despite this, the new city status indicates that there could be more investment into amenities. A city status plants Colchester firmly on the map which could result in a rise in tourism and a boost in the local economy. 

A more desirable area to buy

Colchester is already an incredibly popular place for people to call home. However, the announcement of Colchester being granted city status could see this increase even further. The idea of moving to a city is exciting, especially one that has as much history and charm as Colchester does. Thinking about making the move to Colchester? You’ll find that there’s something to suit everyone in this stunning city. 

The perfect time to sell 

The recent announcement is expected to increase the already undeniable buzz that surrounds Colchester. A city is often considered to be a more desirable place to purchase a property. Have you been wondering whether now is the right time to sell your home? Take this monumental moment in history as the sign you’ve been searching for.

The team at Oakheart were incredibly excited to learn the news that Colchester is once again being recognised as a city. Oakley, everyone's favourite furry friend, has insisted that Colchester becomes known as The Big Acorn - personally, we think it has a nice ring to it! Move over Big Apple, we're coming for you.

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